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Setting out to bring a different understanding to the car rental industry, Main rent a car aims to meet all the car rental needs of individual and corporate customers under the same roof.

The most important feature that distinguishes Main rent a car from its competitors is that it has completed all its corporate processes and has flexible, simple and fast processes that will ensure customer satisfaction with minimum bureaucratic procedures. In this way, it provides its customers with a rental comfort and service quality above their expectations.


With a customer-oriented approach and quality service understanding; With a company profile that respects the environment, social and ethical values, and has a sense of social responsibility; To be among the most customer-oriented car rental companies in Turkey.


To ensure a healthy and reliable growth by accepting customer satisfaction and customer demands as indispensable in the car rental sector.


Meet now with Main Rent a Car, the leading brand of the car rental industry. The best prices and high quality vehicles for daily car rental are on this page! Car rental is done on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Long-term rentals can be made, as well as short-term rentals. Rental is made according to the needs of the person. If you are going to a touristic area and do not have a car with you, then you can benefit from our car rental service. You can find fleet rentals at bus terminals, train stations or public transportation areas such as airports.

With the privilege of Main Rent a Car, we have car rental services in many parts of Turkey. The price of the rental service is determined according to the budgets of the people and the cars they prefer. You can visit the city you are visiting with rental cars or you can solve your urgent business without the hassle of a vehicle.

Main Rent a Car car rental service, which aims to carry passenger transportation to a higher quality place in every period, is a type of service that produces solutions when the vehicle is not available. The fact that the destination and destination can be reached without time and road problems makes the car rental service even more attractive.

If you are going on a long journey as a family, you can rent a car much less than the price you would pay for the bus or transportation. In this way, you can make yourself comfortable by providing easy and comfortable transportation. At the same time, depending on your driving style, you can arrive at your destination in a shorter time than the buses, and you can take a break whenever you want.

Main Rent A Car, which promises pleasant rides to its customers with the mission of "always creating high customer satisfaction", and Main Rent A Car, which promises pleasant rides with its customer-oriented service approach, has 8 branches throughout Turkey.

Daily Car Rental at Main Rent A Car

The daily car rental service has an extensive customer network. The fleets that establish this network attach great importance to customer service. They aim to provide uninterrupted and trouble-free service to customers who prefer vehicles. Companies that have become corporate also help their customers in payment.

By purchasing the car rental service, you can get away from the crowd of the city and explore the city you are going to in more detail. You can choose the vehicle according to your budget and taste. You can choose according to the number of gear seats and fuel type. This option affects the price of the vehicle you choose.

Main Rent A Car offers its guests business trips, holidays, etc. with its office located in İzmir, Antalya, Balıkesir, Muğla, Bodrum, Didim, Kuşadası, and Istanbul. It aims to provide the best service with its wide vehicle fleet for daily car rental needs.

No More Trouble Of Transportation With Car Rental

If you want to get car rental service, you have to meet some conditions for our company. First of all, the vehicle you want to use must be at a certain age according to the product and you must have the license period. Our company has 7 vehicles in different classes. Depending on the segment of the vehicles, you must have a driving license of 1 - 2 - 3-4 or 5 years.

If renting a car will do more for you in the long run, you can take care of your business and ensure the safety of your vehicles with mini insurance packages. Main Rent A Car provides service in 8 points of Turkey thanks to its widespread service network. Thanks to the professional services you have received from our company for vehicles with different models and features, your travels will now become much easier. Routine checks of the vehicles are carried out regularly and delivered to you in a regular manner. At least 24 hours per day and at least 30 days per month. Separate pricing is made according to the mileage of the vehicles you prefer. Vehicles with 400 km per day must do a maximum of 4000 km per month. If you have done more kilometers than specified when you handed over the vehicle, then you will have to pay the specified fees per kilometer.

Car Rental: With Main Rent a Car Difference!

You can pay for the car rental service with your credit card. When you rent your vehicle, you can pick up or deliver the vehicle free of charge from the points located 5 km from the office. If your location is more than 40 km from the office, then no delivery or pick-up service is provided. You can go to our office and pick up your vehicle yourself. The fact that vehicles are the products we use to meet all our needs in this period once again demonstrated the importance of car rental companies.

As Main Rent a Car, our company offers the most professional car rental service to its customers with its advanced vehicle fleet and experienced staff. Thanks to our company, which develops itself day by day, you can go on safe journeys whenever you want. For Main, which provides service in 5 provinces, you can choose the following provinces:

Izmir, Antalya, Balikesir, Muğla, Bodrum, Didim, Kusadasi, and Istanbul You can get car rental services at the airports and city offices of these cities. If you want your vehicles to be ready when you arrive, you can contact us at 90552 621 1893 and get the necessary information. You can go to every region of Turkey with the vehicles you provide from the specified provinces, and you can deliver your vehicles within the time you specify. You should take the necessary precautions to avoid negative situations such as theft and theft while you are using the vehicle. Your vehicle should be parked closed and locked, and you should keep important documents with you. When delivering your vehicle from our company, you must return the vehicle's license and keys.

Monthly Car Rental Advantage

When you get monthly car rental service, you can benefit from some advantages. First of all, you definitely do not pay helmet MTV or traffic insurance. If the vehicle is yours, you should not go out on the road without having the necessary maintenance done. However, thanks to the monthly car rental service, the maintenance of the rental vehicles on a monthly basis is done by the companies you receive service from. Tire changes, maintenance operations and, where necessary, damage repairs are carried out.

As you can imagine, you may need a monthly car rental service in sudden situations. There is no restriction on where you can go within the country, thanks to the monthly car rental you can choose especially for your sudden business trips and emergencies.

As Main Rent a Car, we aim to provide the highest quality service to our customers with our reliable, convenient, comfortable and affordable services, of course, in the monthly car rental option.

Fleet Rental Option

In addition, you can get into an advantageous position by choosing the fleet rental service for a certain period of time. Today, there are many people who use this service both individually and corporately. You can also get this service in plural form with fleet rental. In this way, you can supply your vehicles with more affordable costs. You can reach this service, which will help you save time and cost, with the difference of Main Rent a Car. If you are not finished with your rented vehicle yet, you can extend the duration of your vehicle. However, for this, you must inform our office at least 24 hours in advance. In line with the approval of our office, the rental fee of the vehicle is collected from the user and the rental process is completed.

When you rent a car, you can determine the payment type according to the mileage of your vehicle or the monthly rental period. In this period, when renting a car is more profitable than buying a car, you can rent a car according to your needs thanks to Main Rent a Car.

Leading Brand in Rent a Car Service: Main

With our Main Rent a Car company, you can benefit from the rent a car service individually or corporately. As it is known, in some cases, renting a car can be much more profitable than buying a car. Especially in corporate companies, businesses and similar models, solving the transportation problem with rent a car can be more advantageous than buying a vehicle. Companies and individuals are becoming more and more aware of the Rent a Car service. In the simplest terms, rental vehicles do not have any compulsory costs such as maintenance, repair, motor insurance or insurance. These items are taken into account when determining the prices of the vehicle you rent. Vehicles in the Main Rent a Car fleet; They are high quality, current models and vehicles that are not old. In this way, you can experience a quality driving experience.

As Main Rent a Car, you can reach our service from many cities. Our company, which adopts the understanding of quality service and aims to improve itself day by day, tries to satisfy its customers. We also offer efficient rides to our customers with our quality vehicles that we have in our company.

Sometimes it may be necessary to go to different cities for business or travel purposes. In these cases, the lack of tools at your disposal may affect your daily life, and your work may be delayed. As long as it is a solution-oriented brand like Main Rent a Car, you can handle your business by using our vehicles!

Vehicle Delivery

● The lessee will return the vehicle to the station where he rented the vehicle or to the Lessor's office at another place specified in the contract, as well as receiving the vehicle with all documents, accessory tools, and spare tire belonging to the vehicle.
● It is free of charge to receive and/or deliver the vehicle from the office where it will leave after the rental, up to 5 kilometers in line with availability.
● Delivery and/or delivery service at distances up to 40 km is 80-TL.
● Delivery service is not provided for the first rentals to be made from our company.
● Delivery and delivery services are not provided for distances over 30 km.
● A financial analysis is made before the tenant receives the vehicle. Office officials reserve the right not to deliver the vehicle within the scope of this financial analysis.
Additional Assurances We Provide

Repair advantages are provided with customer approval for damages that may occur during the rental period. Mini damage insurance is offered to the customer in cases of damage up to a maximum of 750 TL, and super-mini damage insurance is offered to the customer in cases of damage up to a maximum of 1.500 TL.

About Car Rental Payment Terms

The rental amount and the additional guarantees provided are collected from the credit card of the person renting the vehicle during the rental. There is no debit, cash or virtual card application in Main Rent A Car rental transactions.

A pre-authorization is taken from the credit card of the customer who rented the vehicle. The provision fee differs according to the vehicle class. A provision fee of 500 TL for economy class vehicles, 750 TL for middle class vehicles, 1,500 TL for upper class vehicles and 3,000 TL for premium class vehicles is charged. The amount collected as a provision at the end of the lease, if any, penalty, damage, missing fuel, etc. After deducting the circumstances, it is returned to the rental card within 14 days.

Important notes

The tenant is obliged to park the vehicle closed and locked in a way that ensures all kinds of safety. In order to benefit from the theft insurance in case of theft of the vehicle; He is obliged to prove that he has taken the necessary precautions by returning the license and key and that he has made the necessary applications to the relevant police authorities. Otherwise, the Tenant is obliged to pay the current purchase price and other legal damages of the vehicle, which is not included in the insurance coverage and is not paid for by the insurance company.


If the customer wants to extend the rental period for any reason, he is obliged to notify the relevant office at least 1 day (24 hours) before. The extension period can be realized with the approval of the relevant office. After the rental approval, the credit card is charged and the extension process is carried out.

The customer is obliged to sign the rental contract in terms of company-customer relations security during the rental, and the general rental conditions of Main Rent A Car are valid for all rentals.

*The above information is for general explanation purposes. Main Rent A Car reserves the right to change this information.
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