Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Insurance and Casco on Vehicles? Vehicles are fully insured, and in order to benefit from insurance, in case of any damage or accident, an accident and alcohol report should be obtained by applying to the police without moving the vehicle. In such emergencies, you can call our 24-hour emergency numbers (+90552 621 18 93).

What are the Conditions Excluded from Insurance?
Unreported damages,
Damages caused by drunk driving,
Making the intermediary use unauthorized persons who are not named in the contract
Any mechanical damage to the vehicle caused by the driver

What is the License Age and Limit?
The lessor must be over the age of 21 and have a driving license for at least two years.

Do I Have to Make the Payment Immediately?
No, payment is made on vehicle delivery

Who Owns Traffic Fines, Highway and Bridge Crossings?
Traffic fines, highway and bridge illegal crossings belong to the lessor. Even if the traffic fines come later, the lessor is obliged to pay.

Is OGS - HGS Available in Vehicles?
Our vehicles have HGS devices (for automatic crossings for highway bridges) and are priced according to the demand and needs of the lessor.

What are the Services Included in the Price?

The prices include vehicle maintenance expenses and automobile insurance.

What Is Not Included In The Price?
Fuel, bridge, highway fees, traffic fines and insurance, extra demands such as one-way fee, baby seat, navigation device and Value Added Tax (VAT) are not included in the prices.

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