2024 Traffic Fines

2024 Traffic Fines

Increase in Traffic Fines in 2024: Safe Journeys with Main Rent a Car

In a new year, it is important to adhere to traffic rules and develop safe driving habits. However, failing to comply with these driving habits results in an increase in traffic fines each year. To learn about the increases in traffic fines and the current appreciation rates in 2024, continue reading our article.

2024 Traffic Fines and Appreciation Rate:

Every year, traffic fines are updated according to the appreciation rate. Assuming the appreciation rate is 58.46% in 2024, we can say that traffic fines have increased significantly compared to the previous year.

2024 Traffic Fines Table:

Traffic Offense 2023 Traffic Fines (TRY) 2024 Traffic Fines (TRY)
Driving under the influence (first offense) 4,064 TRY 6,440 TRY
Driving under the influence (second offense) 5,096 TRY 8,075 TRY
Driving under the influence (third offense) 8,190 TRY 12,978 TRY
Refusing to undergo a test to determine drugs/alcohol in the blood 11,645 TRY 18,453 TRY
Driving without a license plate 5,154 TRY 8,167 TRY
Using lights or sirens without authorization 4,064 TRY 6,440 TRY
Drifting violation 20,342 TRY 32,234 TRY
Parking in a space reserved for the disabled 873 TRY 1,383 TRY
Driving without a license 8,190 TRY 12,978 TRY
Failure to wear a seatbelt 436 TRY 691 TRY
Violation of the safety lane 4,064 TRY 6,440 TRY
Exceeding the speed limit by 10-30% 951 TRY 1,507 TRY
Exceeding the speed limit by 30-50% 1,979 TRY 3,136 TRY
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50% 4,064 TRY 6,440 TRY
Running a red light 951 TRY 1,507 TRY
Driving without a vehicle inspection 951 TRY 1,507 TRY
Modifications hindering plate readability 1,671 TRY 2,648 TRY
Using a mobile phone while driving 951 TRY 1,507 TRY
Using a fake license plate 20,302 TRY 32,171 TRY
Failure to comply with lane-changing rules 951 TRY 1,507 TRY
Failure to maintain a safe following distance 436 TRY 691 TRY
Driving without traffic insurance 436 TRY 691 TRY
Driving under the influence of drugs 20,977 TRY 33,240 TRY
Overtaking in a prohibited area 951 TRY 1,507 TRY
Failure to yield to pedestrians 1,979 TRY 3,136 TRY


The increases in traffic fines in 2024 make it even more important for drivers to be cautious and adhere to traffic rules. At Main Rent a Car, we aim to provide our customers with a safe and hassle-free driving experience. Please make sure to follow traffic rules and have safe journeys!

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