Fighting Covid-19

Fighting Covid-19
Fighting Covid-19

We stand by our customers and employees in the fight against the virus.

We are aware of our responsibility to ensure that our employees and customers are not affected by the situation we are in, and we try to do our best.

The health of our employees and customers is more important to us than anything else. We continue on the road non-stop in our offices, in our vehicles and with our social distance measures.

We carefully follow the instructions and recommendations given by the World Health Organization and our Ministry of Health and apply them in all our units.

All of our airport and city offices have been disinfected, and all our staff have been informed about the measures to be taken and followed.

We continue to implement the detailed interior and exterior cleaning procedures of the vehicles to be allocated to our customers with great care. Beyond the classical cleaning process, all procedures are carried out to keep the areas with direct disinfection and contact density more hygienic.

We have allocated disinfection, face masks and protective equipment to all our offices for the health of our employees and customers.

By renting a car, we understand your sensitivity to address your concerns with public transportation, for this we remove the mileage limitation.

We promise to do our best in all our offices, without ignoring the importance of the health of our customers and employees.
We wish you healthy days.
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