A Healthy and Hygienic Travel

A Healthy and Hygienic Travel
Considerations for a Healthy and Hygienic Travel

First of all, Hand Cleaning!
Many viruses, including corona, live on surfaces. In our daily life, we may not know who has been in contact with the places we come into contact with, since our hands are the limb that comes into contact with the outside world the most. For this reason, it is very important to wash our hands frequently. Every time we leave the house and enter the house, we should pay attention to protecting the hygiene of our hands, we should follow this rule during and after the trip, and we should make an effort to wash our hands for 20 seconds when we touch something during the day or when we return home after a trip. If the possibility of washing is not available for the moment, we should try to provide hygiene with disinfectant.

Strengthen Your Immunity and Body Resistance!
Another best method of protection from viruses and diseases in general is to strengthen the immune system. That's why we should pay attention to our diet before and after travel, and we should consume balanced and adequate vitamin-protein-containing foods. Sleep time, which is an indispensable condition for a safe journey, is also very important for immunity. Although protecting the health of our bodies is our priority in general, it is of much greater importance during this period. For this, pay attention to healthy eating and getting your sleep.

Avoid Physical Contact and Crowded Environments!
Take care to maintain your social distance as much as possible while waiting at places such as buses, metro stops and airports. If you can, travel by private vehicles instead of public transport. For example, in order to rent a car in Izmir and return it in Ankara, it is much more advantageous to rent a cheap car instead of traveling by plane or bus. Moreover, one-way car rentals are more convenient than ever. In any case, disposable wet wipes should be used in such places, as many people come into contact with many places such as sink doors, faucets, etc. during the journey, in stopovers and common areas.

Is traveling by plane or bus risky?
All planes go through a detailed hygiene process after their flights, in line with the rules set by the international civil aviation authorities. Before the standard cleaning teams, a four-person private hygiene team enters the plane and subjects the plane to a detailed cleaning process with disinfectant substances. The catering tables, in-flight screens, seat belts, arm rests and cabin baggage cabinets that passengers frequently come into contact with are cleaned in detail with concentrated disinfectant. During the flight, the air inside the cabin is constantly cleaned with hospital-standard High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) systems. With this filtration system, the air in the aircraft is periodically completely renewed.

In-flight magazines have been removed in line with hygiene measures.

It is a fact that buses may not be as sterile as airplanes, but can become safer with the number of passengers, frequency of disinfection and personal precautions.

Long Term or One Way Car Rental
We all learned during the Covid-19 process that the most basic condition for staying healthy is the measures taken by the individual himself. Therefore, in these days when life is starting to return to normal, it is very important to pay more attention to the hygiene of ourselves and our relatives, to try to stay at home as much as possible, and to show maximum care in social distance when we have to go out. Unless it is necessary, crowded environments, closed public spaces should not be entered or the time spent in these areas should be kept to a minimum.

It would be more appropriate to make city and intercity travels in the same direction, with private vehicles and if possible without filling all the seats.

In this period when one-way car rental demands are increasing, rental cars disinfected with silver ion technology will help reduce your concerns about health and hygiene. Whether our airport offices or city offices work 24/7 to meet your long-term car rental requests or one-way car rental requests immediately. All of our vehicles undergo maximum disinfection with silver ion technology before delivery.
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