Rules to be followed in traffic

Rules to be followed in traffic
What Are The Rules That Drivers Have To Follow?
There are rules that vehicle drivers must follow. These driving rules that must be followed in traffic can be given under various sub-headings;
General rules that drivers must follow.

Rules regarding the speed of the vehicle.
Among the primary rules that drivers should follow is to inform other drivers and pedestrians about the maneuvers they will do. For example, before making a right or left turn, they give appropriate signals for these movements. Before making a turn, the driver of the vehicle should pay attention to some points.

Giving the appropriate signal in the direction to be turned,

The vehicle enters the lane that it should enter in accordance with the direction it is going to,

The vehicle must slow down before turning,

Again, attention should be paid to the traffic flow on the side to which the turn will be made. It would be best to wait for the passing of vehicles in motion and wait for the appropriate time to turn.

The intersection to be turned may be a roundabout, then you should not change lanes while turning around the island with the vehicle.
It is necessary to enter the vehicle lane suitable for the direction of travel.

When you enter the road, you should pass to the right side of the road in a short time without hindering the traffic flow. At roundabouts, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles in traffic should be given the first right of way when making right or left turns.

During the transition, there are points that drivers must comply with in order to pass a vehicle that is in front of their vehicle. For example, the vehicle behind them must not have started to overtake them.

Before starting to pass the vehicle in front of them, this vehicle should not give any signal to pass another vehicle in front of it and it should not take action.
should pay attention to it. Because the vast majority of crossings that do not comply with the rules result in accidents.
The vehicle to be passed must be at their own speed.

Attention should be paid to the situations in which it is not appropriate and prohibited to perform the crossing. For example, there should not be a traffic sign or a warning that states that this process is prohibited. Because trying to pass in prohibited situations can lead to situations that will endanger the safety of life and property in traffic. In addition, crossing should not be done when approaching pedestrian crossings and school crossings.

These rules are generally asked under the category of Traffic and Environment in driver's license exams. Knowing these rules will give you self-control to drive safely without jeopardizing future traffic.
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