Kusadasi Attractions

Kusadasi Attractions

A Day in Kusadasi
What to eat in Kusadasi? Where to enter the sea? Where are the historical places of Kusadasi? These are some of the questions that everyone who spends a day in Kuşadası is wondering the answer to. We asked the people living in Kuşadası these questions for you and gathered the answers we received. Before planning your day, let us remind you that the first thing we recommend you do to explore this beautiful Aegean resort properly is to rent a car from Kusadasi. After the car rental process, you can set off.

Breakfast in Kusadasi
How would you like to have your breakfast accompanied by the azure waters of the Aegean Sea? You have many options that allow you to start enjoying Kusadasi in the early hours. You can sip your coffee against the view after breakfast that appeals to both the eye and the palate. Gypsy pilaf, tahini pita, fried rice, stinging nettle pastry are some of the local delicacies you can choose for breakfast. Since the region hosts many tourists, it is also an option to have breakfast with English and French flavors in addition to local delicacies and traditional Turkish breakfast.

Places to Visit in Kusadasi
Although it is connected to İzmir, Selçuk is like a part of Kuşadası due to its proximity. You can start your tour with the Ancient City of Ephesus, 21 km north of Kusadasi. The establishment of the city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, dates back to 6000 BC. Breathtaking structures and ruins await you in Ephesus, such as the Library of Celsus, the Temples of Artemis and Hadrian, the Gate of August, and the Gate of Memmius. After Ephesus, you can take a rest in Şirince Village, which is famous for its historical houses and wine. The village, which has a unique atmosphere, is only 10 km from Ephesus.

A Delicious Break
While you're all the way to Şirince, don't be content with just seeing the impressive architecture of the village. You can make your time here even more enjoyable by eating lunch at the restaurants serving in the historical houses of the village. Lamb tandoori, hair roast, keskek, hibiscus roast are some of the flavors we will recommend for lunch. After the meal, do not forget to taste the zerde or pelvize dessert accompanied by foamy Turkish coffee.

Continue Explore
After delicious tastes and coffee, you will be ready to hit the road again. Then your next stop should be Dilek Peninsula. The national park, approximately 51 km from Şirince, is a special place that offers the opportunity to see the historical and natural beauties of Kuşadası. The park, which includes the monasteries of Hagia George and Hagios Antonios, as well as the ancient cities of Priene and Miletus, resembles an open-air museum. Also known for its calm coves, the national park is also a great alternative for enjoying the sea.

After your tour on the Dilek Peninsula, you can set off for Kusadasi again. However, we recommend you to see Kurşunlu Monastery, which is 6 km away from the park, beforehand. After the monastery, you can take a break in Güvercinada, which is the symbol of Kuşadası. After watching the sunset on the island, which has a wonderful view, you can end your trip by seeing the historical buildings in the center.

Evening Enjoyment in Kusadasi
In the remaining hours, you have seen the historical places of Kuşadası, met with nature and tasted many dishes at the flavor stops. Renting a car in Kusadasi was the secret of packing so much in one day and a safe journey. After full hours, it was time to end the day with an unforgettable dinner. You can choose one of the restaurants that attract attention with its menus consisting of Turkish, European and Asian flavors. Seafood and olive oil appetizers will be among the flavors we recommend you to taste for dinner in Kuşadası. A pleasant dinner accompanied by a magnificent sea view will help you get rid of the tiredness of the day.

Nightlife in Kusadasi
Kaleici is the place where the heart of Kusadasi nightlife beats. If you are one of those who don't want the day to end early, you can choose the most suitable venue for yourself and join the fun.

Rent a Car in Kusadasi
Renting a car from the Main office will allow you to discover the beauties of Kuşadası more easily and quickly. You can make your reservation for car rental in Kuşadası by phone or on our website.

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