Traffic Fines in 2023

Traffic Fines in 2023


Drivers cruising in traffic face traffic fines when they do not obey the traffic rules. There are many different reasons for these penalties. Along with the PPI rate announced in the past days, the Reassessment Rate was also determined. While this rate was determined as 122.93, traffic fines increased accordingly. So how much are the new traffic fines in 2023?

Traffic Fines in 2023

Passing a red light 951.00 TL
Exceeding the speed limit by 10% - 30% 951.00 TL
Exceeding the speed limit by 30% - 50% 1,979.00 TL
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50% 4,064.00 TL
Drinking and driving (first caught) 4,064.00 TL
Drinking and driving (second caught) 5,096,00 TL
Parking in the place reserved for the disabled 873.00 TL
Drifting 20,342.00 TL
Driving while taking drugs 20,977.00 TL
Wearing license plates that violate the regulations 1,671.00 TL
Driving without license plate 5,154.00 TL
Installing fake license plate on the vehicle 20,302.00 TL
Violating the safety lane 4,064.00 TL
Driving without traffic insurance 436.00 TL
Not complying with the following distance 436.00 TL
Changes to prevent license plate reading 1,671.00 TL
Not using a seat belt 436.00 TL
Using a mobile phone while driving 951.00 TL
Objecting to an alcohol test 8,551.00 TL
Getting on the road with an uninspected vehicle 951.00 TL
Overtaking in a forbidden place 951.00 TL
Not following the lane monitoring and changing rules 642.00 TL
Flashing or using a siren 4,064.00 TL
 Driving without a license 8,190.00 TL

This is the traffic fines in 2023 with the Revaluation Rate. So where can I find out about the traffic fine?

Traffic Fine Inquiry

You can quickly inquire about the traffic fines written on the license plate and driver's license from the online address of the E-State or the General Directorate of Security. How can I pay the traffic fine?

Traffic Fines Payment

First of all, if the payment is made within 15 days from the traffic ticket notification, a 15% discount is applied. You can easily pay the traffic fines agreements written on the license plate and driver's license from banks, PTT branches and tax offices. In addition, drivers who want to pay traffic fines online can pay traffic fines etc. from online banking and interactive tax office system. They can quickly pay off their debts.
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